A Kiss

D07443B7-0441-4FB4-B3EE-6BCCD82CDC85Our son Ben has Down Syndrome, Autism and is nonverbal. He is a 3-year old in a man’s body. This past year he insisted that I play the theme for his favorite pro wrestler while he struts out to the bus in the mornings. In order to look as cool as possible, he sports a headband with flames on it, a hoodie, and a sports jersey. But before he picks up his rattlesnake backpack and lunch box, he always…always pulls back his hoodie and points to his cheek. With all his swagger, he won’t leave the house without a kiss from his mama.

This man-boy of mine reflects my soul sometimes. How God gently kisses me through His word and His presence as I pick up my backpack to navigate this harsh and confusing world each day. And I know that, when it’s all done and I lay my backpack down for the last time, He will be there to welcome me home.

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