Here’s a look back at a post from this time last year, before my blog was public: 

Autumn in northern Minnesota is simply spectacular. My morning walks are graced with multitudes of colorful leaves glowing in the sun, fluttering in the breeze, rolling a red and orange and gold carpet out beneath my feet.

Many other religions bind the believer to an exacting, demanding God or system. Even those who believe in nothing can be trapped in their expectations and striving. But my God paints leaves. He lavishes beauty on things that are in the process of dying. He is exuberant in creation, extravagant in loving, taking holy delight in His people.

My God is love. And what is love’s definition? He is more than a God who loves. He is the actual essence, definition and expression of love. Love is not a feeling to be conjured up with Him; it is the force that must create objects to love and then must rescue for the sake of love. He is the love that goes beyond all definition or explanation; the love that breaks all boundaries and defies all limits. He loves beyond all reason or understanding.

His is a love that delights to paint leaves and fling them about like confetti, for His glory and our pleasure.

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