Introducing: A View of the Lake Newsletter

Words From the Woods

I have exciting news! I have wanted to produce a monthly newsletter for a long time, and that day is finally here! I hope you’ll decide to sign up so that we can get to know each other better.

Each month I will send out an update from home, giving you a peek into life up here in the northwoods of Minnesota, what I’ve been up to lately, and a snippet about my family or thoughts about current events.

I also have a section devoted to Ben, my adult son with Down Syndrome and Autism, since a lot of people seem especially drawn to him and he provides an abundance of amusing stories to share.

I plan to include news about what I am reading with a short book review, what I am writing in addition to my blog posts, and something from the Bible that has struck me as wonderful over the past month.

I always wonder about who is reading my blog. I see the reader statistics, but I don’t know YOU. Perhaps you’ve wondered the same as you read what I offer here. I’m hoping that a newsletter will bring us a little bit closer together, at least from my end.

I promise never to spam you or give your email address to anyone, ever. The fact that you read my blog means a great deal to me, and I don’t take your time lightly.

Also, please be aware that I am not a professional at this and I don’t make any money off of it. Consequently, I’m pretty helpless on the technical end of things, and if it wasn’t for the help of a couple of friends this never would have happened. If something isn’t working or looks wonky, please let me know so that I can beg them to help me fix it! I am fully expecting a few hiccups in the beginning, so please bear with me in case that happens.

Thank you for joining me here! Please feel free to reach out at any time. I’d like to get to know you, too.


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