I was a California girl. Born within sight of the ocean and raised in a small town in the mountains. My husband and I decided to raise our own children in this same small town and when the last child left, we packed up and moved to his home state of Minnesota.

 In addition to blogging here, I have been featured on theperennialgen.com, and published in the book, Beneath the Mask: Faith, Hope & Transformation in the Face of COVID-19 (Coming soon!)

Hi, my name’s Andrea.

I am an adoptive mom, of a multi-racial family. I am also a special needs mom of an adult son with limited cognitive abilities and a unique way of navigating the world.

But mostly I’m just a woman who is learning day by day what it means to love and be loved by my Creator.

I hope you are blessed by what you read here, as I am blessed in the writing of it.