Other Writing

“The Indispensable Ministry of Disability” at Gospel-Centered Discipleship https://gcdiscipleship.com/article-feed/the-indispensable-ministry-of-disability

The second edition of “Beneath the Mask: Faith Hope & Transformation in the Face of Covid-19” is out, and three of my essays are included in it. You can find it on Amazon here. 

“Worship School”, an article for The Perennial Gen: https://theperennialgen.com/worship-school/

“Anchored in Good News”, also for The Perennial Gen: https://theperennialgen.com/?p=4501

“Hidden in Plain Sight” is a Bible study I wrote on the Lord’s Prayer. I printed copies without officially publishing it so if you’re interested in buying one, let me know.

I had a devotion published at Christiandevotions.us on August 17, 2021. Go to christiandevotions.us and under the menu, click “Spirit and Trust”. Or go down to the bottom and click “Author List” and find me there. Either one will take you to it.

SEND Magazine has featured my posts in a few of their issues:

SEND Magazine