I'm reading a book right now that captured my attention in the introduction. There were a few sentences, deep and true, that made me hunger for more. The more I read, though, the more I find a few great ideas and a lot of filler. Books, blog posts, lectures and sermons go this way often, … Continue reading Filler


My planner is empty. I bought it at the start of the year in an attempt to become more organized and purposeful with my days. Now it sits unused, this quarantine period having erased weddings, meetings and get-togethers. Am I, too, sitting empty in this waiting time? It is easy to let the hours and … Continue reading Plans


It has been more than a month now that we have been sequestered at home, allowed to leave only for necessities. In the beginning we were upbeat, willing participants in the noble goal of protecting the vulnerable. Our town and many others joined together to support and help each other through this terrible time. Masks … Continue reading Quarantine


The robins returned to our crabapple tree last week. Though the snow lay deep, still they came, singing, announcing that spring has arrived although the snow still flutters down and all lies frozen and frosted white. The world waits now in a kind of winter, still and dormant under the grip of a virus. We … Continue reading Robins


We tire of it, this abundance of the miraculous. Each snowflake falling unique to adorn the woods, sparkling in the morning light, crafted in the heavens, we have stopped noticing, the familiarity of it draining us of wonder. Intricate miracles are we, rods and cones arranged to perceive beauty, tiny hairs trembling in the spiraled … Continue reading Wonder